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Fueltech Solutions AS
연소특성 (fuel combustion),연료분석(Fuel analysis-diesel, gasoline)

Combustion Research Unit

카탈로그 다운버튼

Fueltech Solutions CRU™ is an advanced tool for research on ignition and combustion properties of fuels based on the principle of Constant Volume Combustion Chamber (CVCC).

The CRU platform is a flexible and has proven its reliability through several years of operation. The modular design allows for different setups to meet the requirements of most fuel and engine configurations.

Ignition and combustion properties can be studied for liquid and gaseous fuels for all types of internal combustion engines. Ignition can be achieved through auto ignition, pilot fuel ignition or spark ignition.

CRU configurations:

 Auto ignition

 Dual fuel – Auto ignition

 Combustible gas – Pilot fuel or spark ignition

 Gasoline – Spark ignition

CRU benefits:
  • -Fully automated operation and high test capacity
  • -High precision and long term stability
  • -Small sample volume
  • -Constant and repeatable physical conditions
  • -Isolate effects of fuel properties
  • -Small footprint
CRU application areas:
  • -Qualitative analysis of fuel ignition properties and combustion kinetics.
  • -Determine sensitivity to varying physical conditions: temperature, pressure, injection pressure, EGR.
  • -Examine the combination of different fuels and its effect on Rate-of-Heat-Release.
  • -Ignition and injection timing.
  • -Capture the combustion and nozzle performance with high speed camera
CRU is currently being used by:
  • -Engine Manufacturers
  • -Fuel and Additive Manufacturers
  • -Universities
  • -Commercial Research laboratories working in the field of engine technology and optimized combustion