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Viscolite 700

Hydramotion Ltd
점도 (viscosity)

Portable viscometer


The solid stainless steel sensor is simply immersed into the fluid to obtain an immediate viscosity measurement. There is no limit on vessel size or fluid volume, so long as the tip of the probe is covered. Simply wipe clean after use.


Digital precision in an instant
Measurements are shown instantly on a digital display. The lightweight readout unit and probe combined with long battery life make the Viscolite hand-held viscometer well suited to long duty in the factory, laboratory or on the move.
Accurate and tough
The Viscolite is amazingly robust - able to withstand the most heavy-handed use without sacrificing outstanding accuracy and sensitivity. You can even stir the fluid with it! Furthermore, the absence of any moving parts, seals or bearings means maintenance is virtually eliminated.


All portable Viscolites are factory-calibrated in our ISO9001 laboratory and come complete with their own carrying case, User Manual, and Calibration Certificate. A standard feature is integral temperature measurement for automatic temperature correction of viscosity.


-fast, accurate & robust
-truly portable viscosity meter
-solid 316 stainless steel construction