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점도 (viscosity)

Process viscometers


The XL7 series represents a wide range of standard viscometers, covering nearly all applications. In addition, custom instruments can be made for special situations.
All instruments are supplied with a VP550 Signal Processor unit. The VP550 can be mounted up to 1000m from the transducer and has digital and analogue outputs for recording or remote monitoring. XL7 viscometers are frequently used as part of a feedback loop for plant or viscosity control. The Signal Processor can be hooked up to temperature sensors to automatically calculate viscosity corrected to a specific reference temperature.
Every viscometer is factory calibrated in our ISO9001 laboratory to national traceable standards. Each device delivers high accuracy and long duty with simple installation, no maintenance and unbeatably low cost of ownership.


  • -High accuracy and sensitivity

  • -Simple installation

  • -Virtually maintenance free

  • -Resilient to process conditions

  • -Any tank or pipe size

  • -Any process connection

  • -Digital and analogue outputs